Thursday, May 29, 2014

I dislike yard work!!

Have you sensed my absence?? Cuz I have. I swear it hits 70 degrees steadily and bam the yard work triples. I have spent all my free time trimming bushes, planting my rose bushes from Mother's Day, trimming trees, raking leaves from under pine trees, ripping out a razor bush thinger and holly bushes. Seriously!! I've done all that and more all while keeping two eyes on Lu at all times outside cuz her and Franklin are trouble together. The best kind of trouble. I am thankfully hitting the end of all this yard work. This whole spring jumping into summer has been cleaning up a couple years of let go yard work. At least we didn't let it slide but unfortunately we have to fix the mess. Bleck!!

Onto sewing news. Remember back when I posted about winning a charm pack of Jennifer Sampou's shimmer fabric. Well this is what I made with it. 

Pardon the bad picture but it's cloudy and yucky out. Anyhoo it's my bag dispenser. Between a gerbillion small garbage cans and my cats I save my grocery bags and I don't know about you but the ones for sale are too small and too expensive. So I made one big enough to hold the bags for the main floors garbage cans. I have another set sandwiched to make one for my upstairs bag holding area. 

Now into some sad news. I am an admitted blanket hoarder. If it's fuzzy and warm I'll buy it and stash it. I love blankets or as I call them wubbies. So to make room for more wubbies I'm going to start listing some of my quilts for sale. I listed three already in my Etsy Shop FromLuluWithLove. I have some sentimental attachment to these quilts so I have hopes they will be well loved and worn out in due time. 

Uh oh I have been summoned. :)

Y'all have a great day!!

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