Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back To Normal

Ugh I swear coming home from just a weekend away takes a week to recooperate. We went to Rehobeth for a car show in Ocean City. Holy wow the car show was awesome. We walked up and down almost 60 blocks in Ocean City watching all the neat cars go by. Chaz has the car pictures but I do have a family picture of our day at the beach. 

Can you tell Lu had ants in her pants. She hated the sand but wanted to play in the water. Later this summer we will try to head back so she can swim in the ocean. 

Since I've been back I managed to turn this

Into this

Now it needs backing. It's Emily Taylor's zombie apocalypse line for Riley Blake and I LOVE it. I used Kona Grass as the back ground and a tutorial for shoo fly blocks from S.O.T.A.K blog. Super quick and easy to whip up and the blocks are big enough you still get the zombies in each piece. 

Well nap time is over. Y'all have a great day 

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