Thursday, June 5, 2014

Crazy Vintage

So this is my take on a disappearing nine patch. Kind of flows along with how these last few weeks have been. Slightly normal with a dash of crazy. :)

I used Emily Taylor's Vintage Verona line for Riley Blake. I love the prints and the colors. That green and navy really caught my eye. 

I love me a disappearing nine patch but I needed something just a smidge instead of cutting straight through the middle row of squares I cut on the diagonal and started firing pieces together. I had zero plan and really didn't tweak anything once it was paired up. It wasn't till it was on the wall that I made just a tiny effort to keep the centers from looking like a single block. Other than that it was a free for all of placing blocks. 

I'm still hunting for a back. I have some yardage here but it's not really meshing with my thoughts so I am waiting for backing. 

On another note. I have a severely sick toddler. She has a massive ear infection. Like her fifth or sixth this year. So now with that and her lack of speaking we will be heading to a specialist to really give her ears a good lookie loo and see if she needs tubes in her ears. If anyone has ever had to deal with this please feel free to send some info or advice my way. I don't know anything about having tubes put in or how much her infections really are effecting her speech or anything really. All I know is that I want my sickie to be all better. I'd much rather the terrible twos instead of angry sick baby! :)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind word. I am a new follower on bloglovin'

    I really like your take on the D9Patch. Great fabrics! Looking forward to seeing more of your sewing and quilting.

    In regards to you daughter's ear infections. Listen to your doctors, have her hearing tested and then make your own decision as to what you feel is best for your daughter. All my adult children had ear infections as babies and toddlers. Our middle son had more than the others and at about 18 months our regular pediatrician sent us the specialist who also sent us to have his hearing checked. Based on the fact that his hearing was good, the ENT pediatric specialist suggested waiting a little longer to see if they might clear up as he got a bit older. Very shortly thereafter he stopped having ear infections. My son never had the surgery. This is just my personal experience and I am no expert. My son's speech development was never an issue. You may wish to have your daughter's speech development also assed by a specialist. The more information your gather and research, the better prepared you will be to make this decision. May your beautiful little girl soon be feeling well.

    Best wishes ... :) Pat


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