Friday, February 7, 2014

Juggling Life!

I'm such a blog slacker. I feel like I'm juggling a million balls right now. That quilt is for the boss. I got it sammiched today and started quilting it. I'm rushing to try and get it done for Wednesday to surprise him with it. 

On a plus side I did get my geese almost all together for the Star Light Star Bright Quilt Along. I ran out of starch so I stopped till I got more. Once I get them completed ill post pics to link up on Melissa's Blog

For your viewing pleasure. Meet Grey Cat. Her actual name is Gigi but she's my thunder butt. This is her coma pose as a result of the billions of inches of snow Pa got this week. Someone better stop sending snow my way. Franklin doesn't like it and I don't like shoveling it. Lol

Y'all have a good day I have a rabid toddler to wrangle and some stinky man socks to wash!!!!

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