Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crinkled Flirt

This is my latest finished quilt. I just did the binding yesterday but once I was done it just didn't speak to me. My true test for a quilt staying in my home or not is the chair test. In my house there is Mommys Chair, it's mine all mine. The back cushion is perfect to hold a sleeping cat and all my electronics and I can hide the remotes from monster. It's the perfect position to see the tv and monster at all times. Franklin can squeeze his expanding tooshie next to me for a nap. It's MY chair and I love it. A quilt stays here if I have an obsession with having it over the back of my chair. My Valentines quilt does not make me want to drop it over my chair so hopefully it finds a new home. I'm debating on listing it for sale or hiding it in my closet to give away eventually. I wish this quilt made me go woo woo. I love Sandy Gervais fabric and Flirt was one I oooed and ahhhed over for a while before buying it. I know why I don't love this quilt. I'm just am not a red fan. It's that one color that does nothing for me and I used a lot of red in this quilt. I do love the back though. The red quilting lines with the grey look pretty. 

Ok enough of my whining. Today is Wednesday so you know what that means. It's time for the next step of Melissa's quilt along. I'm so excited and nervous. I've never made flying geese before so I hope I don't mess up. I did decide what I am doing with my quilt once it's finished. My original plan was to keep it over my couch buuuuuuut I changed my mind. I'm going to give it to my sister. She's currently in Afghanistan helping to get soldiers home and she will be there till September at least. This quilt will be her welcome home present. 

If you have a second in you day please keep my sister and the soldiers in her command in your prayers. While they aren't in combat traveling by helicopter is dangerous for them. We have lost enough soldiers I don't want to lose anymore. 

Time to watch Cars with Miss Monster. 

Oh and you Midwestern peoples who are sending snow my way. STOP!!! :)

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