Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coming Along

It's coming along. Slowly but surely. I've had a few hiccups but no burps so I'm gonna be happy about it. 

I am quilting it a bit heavier than I originally planned but it will work out nicely. Bertha is handling the quilting nicely. I love Janome. I traded in my basic Magnolia for the DC5100 last week and wow. Needle up and down setting and speed control are two things I will never live without. Being able to add some decorative touches is a bonus. 

Since we now have 13 days till Christmas I hope all you crafters are working hard with no issues. 

Lastly. Though I know I don't have any readers or followers I'm asking you out there to keep my baby sister in your thoughts and prayers. She is an officer in the army and getting ready to deploy for Afghanistan. Please pray for her and the soldier under her command that they all come home safe and sound and that their job goes smoothly and they start getting our soldiers home for us!!!!!  

Have a great week y'all!!!!!

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