Thursday, May 8, 2014

Almost Done

Miz Monsters quilt top. I used Kona Pomegranate and fudge I forget the name of the purple but it's Kona as well. 

Here's her backing. I had two yards of it stashed away and since I felt lazy yesterday and didn't want to go shopping I went hunting. I completely forgot I got those monkeys and I'm glad I found them. They are perfect for Lu's quilt. 

Now the dilemma since I'm a hair away from finishing the quilting. Kona Turquoise or a Kona orange whose name I forget. I'll have to take pictures when I'm ready to make the binding. 

Ohhhhh or I'll use both. Hmm. We will see both match the front but I haven't matched it to the backing yet. 

Anyhoo. I will probably be mia through next week. We are heading to Delaware for a car show next weekend and as you probably know traveling with a toddler is like planning for a world war in the 1700's. So I'm making lists, pre packing what I can and planning for every possible disaster I can think of. At least I know all million and one wubbies will be packed cuz Lu does not go anywhere without her wubbies. 

Wubbie on a picnic :)

Y'all have a great day!!

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