Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Oh yes. I have been bitten by Frozen-itis. Lu is OBSESSED with this movie and if you haven't seen it yet please do. It is a great movie for everyone. I'm just a smidge in luuuurrrvvve with Sven. He is such a goofball. 

Onto quilting stuff. I have been quite busy. Last week was pretty crazy. Lu was a grumpy pants so I turned to my sewing machine to help destress from the terrible almost twos. 

My Katy's quilt is almost done. Somewhere between a third and half way quilted. Her birthday is next Monday so I'm gunning to get it finished. She loves orange and is a bit of a sensitive soul. I used Bonnie and Camille's Scrumptious. There are about three charm packs used and the background is Kona White. I'm quilting it with red thread because for some reason that right shade of orange was being elusive. 

My ladies. Oh how I love my ladies. I bought a bundle of Handmaids a while ago off EBay. I tinkered with it every once in a while and this past week really kicked into gear to do something with it. I honestly just started cutting and firing pieces together. No rhyme or reason. I am going to bind it in Kona Black to have that act as a frame around the green border. I believe I'm going to go with an extra wide binding as well. My ladies are pressed and hanging in the laundry room/man cave waiting to be basted. 

Well time to chase down Miss Lu. Y'all have a good week!!

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