Friday, March 7, 2014

Ok..Mommy needs a break ;)

Well between general toddler antics and now the bubonic plague that has infested my darling butter bean I got my block corners done for the Star Light Star Bright QAL. Woo woo. We are so much closer to a completed top. 

I also whipped this quickie baby quilt top up for my mom. She needs one for a baby girl that's going to be hatching in the next few months. Of course it was a last minute hey can you :) good thing I already had most of this top together 

Time to get back to my job. Belly rubbing and snuggle bug for my poor sick Lulu. Dr confirmed it's not walking pneumonia so we just need this horrible cough to work its way out and her nose to stop being a faucet. If you can send her some get well vibes we would appreciate it. 

Y'all have a good day and stay germ free!!

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  1. Sorry to heat it has been crazy. But great job on persevering and getting your corners done. They look fantastic!!!


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