Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Crazy

Those pictures are junk but I redid my sewing side of the bedroom. I got styrofoam board 4x8 cut it in half and made two design walls. It helps my OCD feel less manic when I can see more than one project at once. Plus the cat hasn't decided to pull them apart. He is such a turd. 

This is my d9p I started. It will be a baby quilt. Or if I can't resist made bigger cuz I am obsessed with that green. It really speaks to me. 
This is my winter table topper I've been meaning to get together for months now. It just kept getting put aside for more stuff. It's my left overs of Snowmens Gathering charm pack. 
Just cuz she's so dang cute driving a cart at the store. Geez I love this kid to pieces. She tickles me pink even when she out grows her clothes in a blink. 

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