Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So I noticed I have some blog tweaking to do. My pictures are all wonky and it's just not floating my boat right now. 

On the quilting side of things I will have some pictures to show you. I have a project going that is almost sammich worthy. I also need to recover my ironing table. Someone...*ahem Lulu*...ripped my padding off my current cover. 

Thanks to some cuspids tormenting my darling toddler things might be a bit quiet. We are having sleep issues from no naps all the way to waking up screaming out of the blue. Mama hasn't been sleeping well. 

Tonight I did manage to get some work done due to Lu going to bed crazy early. 

As you can see my iPad does not take great pictures. My computer is trashed so I can't use my digital camera for better pictures. Anyhow that is my cutting/ironing table. All recovered and purdy now. Miss Lulu monster pants ripped the padding from the original cover. So what I did was take a sheet and two layers of cotton batting and birth blanket style made a new cover. Because I hate feeding elastic I decided to bust out my hot glue gun and used Velcro on the short ends to hold the cover down. I tested it out and it works pretty dang well. I'm undecided on whether it is too smushy yet. 

This is my table topper for a swap I posted about previously. In tribute to the amazing Kona blog hop that happened earlier this month it is in all Kona solids. I can't remember the name of the orange but the pink is Kona Pomegranate and the blue is Kona Turquoise. My partner loves bright vibrant colors and holiday themed items so the top is as bright and vibrant as I could make it without blinding anyone. I haven't dug out backing yet because I think I am going to look for a holiday type of backing. I'm undecided yet. 

Well it's time for some Top Chef and bed. 

Y'all have a great night!!

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