Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For the ones we love

I'm sure a lot of you have pets. Pets we love. Pets that love us when we need that love. A cat that knows just when you need a snuggle or a paw to the head. A dog that knows just when to crawl in your lap and bless you with a sloppy kiss. 

I have one of those. Well six of those. A house full of fur. Five rescued cats and a dog I actually paid for. Six lives I would do anything for. I have done the grossest things we would normally do only for our human spawn and I have done the loving things from just being something to lay against. I'm a mom. To humans and furry alike. 

One of my kids is sick. To the tune of a butt pile of dollars. One vet appointment down and surgery to come next week. My dog has a massive oral infection requiring three weeks of pills. Pills that make his belly sick because he isn't eating a lot. Pills that will hopefully make his breath smell like dog and not rotting zombie butt. Next week instead of snarfing leftover thanksgiving food he will be healing from oral surgery and being neutered. Sorry Franklin you don't get to keep your hoo hoos. He is getting his teeth cleaned, probably some extractions and hopefully nothing worse. 

My heart breaks for my four legged baby. He was my first valentines gift from Chaz. My baby that I whined cried and begged for. He has kept me warm when Chaz was gone on trips. Slept with me curled up like a baby. I just want my guy to feel better. Even if it kills what little money we had saved up and costs us what we had extra to spend on Christmas. It is causing stress but I will be damned if I sit back and not do anything. So for him I go on a fabric diet and pinch where I need pinching. And when Lu is older and I have pictures of her with her big brother I will look back on this moment and see that this was worth it. 

Poor little guy. Feel better soon Franklin. You can sleep with mommy and daddy once your breath smells better. 

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