Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday

It's Monday... Can you feel my enthusiasm? 

My day starts at 5:30. AM!!!! However Lu is such a peach she makes my mornings easy. I get my half an hour alone to make my punkin his lunch for work and have my first infusion of coffee. *try the dark chocolate fudge coffeemate cream. OMG amaaaazing*. Once Lu is woken up its fair game. Fruit for breakfast. I do cheat and buy the cans of fruit but I rinse the holy heck out of them because I hate them coated in ten tons of sugar syrup. Bleck! I also add rinsed and drained cherries since she loves them. Add a good twenty minutes to drag Chaz out of bed (he's a slow poke) and my day is on the go. 

Today was no different. Well there was less going back to the bedroom telling Chaz to get his butt out of bed. Lu was in a pretty good mood so after daddy left for work we hung out in my room watching Yo Gabba Gabba and I finished the binding on this. 

Sorry for the bad picture. That was taken by 7 am and the sun was barely up. This was made for my sister in law to give to her friend. I did simple slightly wonky vertical quilting. Nothing to take away from those cute muted lady bugs. The yellow binding really helps highlight the little yellow lady bugs on the front. I hope the little girl who gets this likes it. 

This is only the morning. I have more on my plate yet. Elastic to insert into sheets for my shop. Quilting to finish ripping out of a quilt sandwich. Five inch squares to cut out of some kona bone solids for my Windsor Lane charm packs quilt. Ongoing simple squares for it. Possibly tying it instead of quilting. We will see what the fabric says. 

Well it's time for a snack and soon nap time. 

Have a good Monday everyone!!

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