Friday, October 25, 2013

Gotta start somewhere...

So here goes nothing.

I'm going to try blogging. I love sewing especially quilting and I live for my mini monster aka Lulu. Between her and C I have one heck of a busy life. Toss in five cats and a neurotic dog my life is crazy. Where you have crazy you must have a release.

My release is sewing. I love being able to take something I see inside my head and attempt to make it real. Or read some of my favorite blogs and try to be as good as them or use their tutorials to learn more techniques and get better.

And just to give y'all a taste of what my life is like. Here is a picture of my Lulu. She is my world and often a receiver of my obsession with wubbies. *if you are not familiar with this term a wubbie is not a blanket, it is not a comforter, it is not a piece of fabric. A wubbie is that thing that gives you love when your sad or got a boo boo or when you are curling up with a good book and some hot chocolate you grab your wubbie.*

Any ways here is my monster.

Of course she is wearing her pants I whipped up this morning for her. My first venture using knits. Ohmigosh!! A walking foot, a bunch of reading for a week straight and a heckuvalotta gumption and I made my first knit project. I am unstoppable! Haha

Have a great day :)


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