Monday, August 11, 2014

My Summer Vacation

Hiiiiiii!!! Miss me?

Things have been CRAZY here this last month. I swear every time I try to touch my sewing machine I end up out of the house doing who knows what. Not that I mind too much, we have been having loads of fun. We splurged and got the girls a big bounce house and went retro and got a sprinkler for the yard as well. My days have been spent bouncing and supervising the goings on outside. I did however manage to get some stuff done.

This is my April Showers quilt. I used a Moda Bakeshop pattern. It was super easy to make and went together well. Any complications I had were due to my own error. Like when I had a new blade on my cutter I had a couple whoopsies that required a hurried charm pack purchase. Or when I ran out of binding about 6 inches from the end. That was a treat. The best part was when I got it about 90% quilted and decided not only did I not like it but that I was going to rip all of it out and start over. So I spent two days doing nothing but ripping stitches every possible chance that I had. Thanks to Lu's latest trick of being able to climb into my bed now I was able to get it requilted in one day. Thank you Disney Channel and iPad!! They saved my bacon. This quilt is hands down my favorite to date. It is a quilt just for me. All of us girls in the house are just in love with Bonnie and Camille's fabric lines. Katy has a quilt made with Scrumptious. Maddi will get one in Daysail when it comes out and I am looking forward to a Miss Kate purchase for Lu. I have my own favorite designers but hands down there is no contest for the house Bonnie and Camille win.

My quilt assistant helping me try and get a half way decent picture of the back. 

I also managed to get my mom's Ta-ta quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt. I have picked out two threads to use but I need to do research on using 60 weight thread for quilting. I am undecided if I want the quilting to blend or really POP! I am going to sit on it for a while till I decide what I would prefer.
Now that school is getting ready to start in about 9 days I will get some free time to sew more I hope. With that free time I would really like to work on learning to FMQ. I stick with straight line quilting and while I like it I really thing that I need to broaden my skills. Hopefully I can figure out the hardest part for me. Tension issues! I seriously need a sewing machine tension lesson because no matter what I always get stumped on tension and that is what keeps me from really jumping into FMQ.
Well I think I have jabbered everyone's ear off enough. Time to get some laundry done and get todays outside play time going.
Ya'll have a great day!!!!

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