Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Hot Out

Oi. Hello summer. Your swealtering hot and I don't like sweating. 

I would show you some quilty pics but I've got to be incognito and I don't have any spy like pics of my latest top. :) I can tell you I used fat quarters of my AMH True Colors bundle for it. 

I am currently cutting up a layer cake of April Showers to use in a Moda Bakeshop pattern....and waiting for vote fabric I bought off Etsy because my rotary cutter hates me and slipped. 

Hmmm oh yeah most important part of the week!!!!!! Lulu is turning 2 on Saturday. Woo woo!!!!!!  
So cute in her new bathing suit. Well I gotta get back to watching the big girls play field hockey. Summer leagues started tonight. 

Have a great Sunday everyone. 

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