Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Did It

I joined Instagram. :) I am still figuring it out but feel free to add me or however it works. TylerF8184 

Once I get it figured out I'll add a button dooberwally on here. 

On the Lu front. She had half her ear test done. One ear is worse than the other however no scarring and minimal fluid so it looks like she won't need tubes. However she still needs a hearing test done so I'm waiting till July to find out if she's stubborn or has hearing issues. My gut is saying stubborn. Hmmmmmm wonder where she got that from.....I'm looking at you Chaz!!!!!!! 

T-Minus 2.5 days till Lu's 2nd birthday. Family day Saturday and hoopla birthday party Sunday. I'm excited and sad cuz my baby isn't a baby anymore. 

Well it's Wednesday so I have to go to my job and then back home to clean clean clean for Lu's party. We are gonna try and fit some swimming in this afternoon as well. 

Y'all have a great day and if I'm not back a great weekend. Birthday pics will be here Monday :)

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