Friday, April 18, 2014

Mama Said What!?!

Mama Said Sew!!! :)

The colors don't show well but I used a layer cake and a couple charm packs of Sweetwaters Mama Said Sew line. I have been hoarding these for what feels like forever and finally sucked it up. I LOVE that line. The red and black is Chaz's favorite color combo and the sewing text fabric is my favorite. I love everything about this line. 

Yesterday I basted the quilt and marked all the lines. I'm using a plain grey backing and grey thread to blend in the back. Once it is all done it will look like rows of hst on the back. So far I have half the diagonal quilting done. Hopefully Lu takes a nap today and I can finish the diagonal quilting and move on to the next set of lines. 

I'm contemplating the binding. I have red strips cut already but I'm seriously considering adding a grey flange to the binding. I'm not sure yet. I get some pretty good bindings with the zig zag tutorial I posted before. Kinda hard to not go with a sure thing. 

Y'all have a good weekend and a happy Easter!!!! 

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