Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small but never ending!

My work table right now. Since ironing has to be top of my dislike list for quilting I'm still slowly ironing strips for Grams quilt. It goes fast but I need to do it in small batches. The hst's are for three doll quilts to go with three hand made cradles for Christmas presents. Those should work up quickly especially since I found out I could cheat cut them to size lol. 

On a plus side. Franklin is healing nicely. No more hoo hoos and he has done good not licking the incision. He had a cone on but the monster needs credit. He figured out how to flip the cone down to make it comfortable so he hasn't worn it at all today. As for his mouth. Well he had a major cleaning and six extractions. Six extraction requiring major oral surgery. He is eating soft mushy food for a while yet and depending on how that goes it may be a half and half diet of crunchy and soft foods for the rest of his days. But all in all my baby is back to normal and sleeping in his bed right now. 
See my sad sad boy. 

ANDDDDD to make this post even longer. We got our Christmas tree up. Little miss monster is in luuuuvvv with all the sparkly ornaments. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend. 

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