Sunday, November 10, 2013

Busy busy!

Shouldnt life come with a remote like a DVR? We all need a pause button once in a while. Things have been crazy around here it seems. Lu got shots so the last few days have been dealing with the effects. Aka appease the baby at all costs. 

On the sewing side of things. Look Ma I'm a real quilter

I made a design wall finally. It's pretty pedestrian as far as some of the ones I've seen so far but dang I'm happy. I also got my first full roll of batting!!!!  In that picture is just going to be a simple table topper. Just something festive for the upcoming holidays for the cats to sleep on lol. Plus if I don't make a new one the Halloween one will stay out forever. 

I have a ton of ideas rolling around inside my head so watch see things unfold. Lots of charm packs by Moda getting cut into and a few presents coming my way next week. 

We don't even need to talk about the Christmas presents needing to be made. 

It's the final countdown. It's November. Christmas is coming!!!

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Yeah for a design wall and a roll of batting! I'm amazed at how much easier it is to make decisions vertically vs. horizontally on the floor. Enjoy...


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